bitfudge aims to deliver critical news and information from the world of cryptocurrencies in a concise format.

None of our posts are automated: we cover key news, and provide full references to our information. We always encourage our readers to review the primary sources.

bitfudge: macro view, micro form.

Who are we?

The bitfudge team consists of technology, finance, security and legal professionals. We consult, analyse, develop, manage and deploy.

Sharing a passion for cryptocurrencies and their potential to improve lives, we created bitfudge as a hobby.

Disclaimer: the authors of this site hold crypto-assets in our portfolio.

What makes bitfudge unique?

Factual quality

We avoid the rumour mill and refer to the primary sources. Our focus is on remaining objective at all times.

bitfudge believes that with objectivity, the public can make their own informed decisions and opinions.


We give you the highlights in a condensed form.

You can read the sources if you have interest, but we don’t waffle on and regurgitate ad nauseum for the sake of bulking up our site.

Your time is important:

In a sea of information, less is more.

Avoid the FUD and FOMO

The world of cryptocurrencies are fraught with Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). We’re concerned that most media outlets are regularly publishing news that fuels FUD or FOMO.

We do not agree with this approach:

We will never feed you FUD or FOMO.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk and should be based on advice from qualified financial professionals. You can incur substantial losses: consider whether this is in line with your investment objectives and circumstances. Posts are based on the authors' opinion and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Our posts are not independent/financial/investment advice, nor endorsements of any product/asset/service. We try to maintain the accuracy of our information however we rely on external data which may include errors. We are not liable under any circumstances for loss or damage as a result of using our information or services.