Marseille Port Exploring Blockchain for Freight Transport

Port de Marseille has just announced that they are experimenting with blockchain technology. Blockchain is being used for the freight tranportation process along the Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône corridor (MeRS).

The solution, that will build a chain of virtual and secure documents, will make possible the data sharing between interested parties without superstructure thanks to certified blockchain technology without the need of a trusted third party.

Under the objectives of innovation, sustainable development and improvement of competitiveness of the logistics axis Méditerranée-Rhône-Saône, the project is supported and accompanied financially by the Bank of the Territories (Caisse des Dépôts), Voies navigables de France (VNF), the Compagnie National Rhone (CNR) and the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille (GPMM).

PortSEurope Announcement

The project is supported by la Délégation Interministérielle au développement de l’axe portuaire et logistique Méditerranée-Rhône-Saône, which is the official port and logistics authority for this axis corridor. It is hoped that blockchain technology can be used to improve a multidude of processes: from shipping time and logistics, to safety and security.

Currently, the launch of the proof-of-concept is due to be June 2019, with a limited scope of some key documents on the blockchain. Gradually the system is envisioned to include all pertinent documents across the entire supply chain. The end goal is for participants to securely verify and track freight without a central certifying authority.

To us, the model sounds template-based. This means that a similar blockchain model could be implemented in other ports, if proven successful. We’ll be watching Port de Marseille’s progress and reporting again as news develops.

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